Image_Isometric is a package rendering isometric 3d images in php.

18.7.2005: Image_3D has been approved by the PEAR-Community. This makes Image_Isometric obsolete. So please take a look here.

16.4.2005: Currently I'm a bit too busy. Because of this the release of Version 0.5 is delayed.

14.3.2005: The roadmap to version 1.0 has been published. Until the next version (0.5) the examples stay broken.

20.2.2005: Image_Isometric 0.4 released. This release adds the possibility to use the Image_Driver as proposed at Rotation is now possible for the whole scene by using Image_Isometric::rotate*(). The depth calculation is improved.

13.2.2005: Image_Isometric 0.3 released. This release adds an optimized depth calculation routine, the possibility to rotate objects and a flat shader to simulate a lightsource.

12.2.2005: Image_Isometric 0.2 released. This release adds support of depth information to the renderer. Check out the examples.